Personalized Your Home Jigsaw Puzzle

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"Your home is where your heart is" and this Personalized Your Home Map shows you just that.

At the center of your map is your home with a very cute house shaped puzzle piece and the entire puzzle will cover 4 miles North to South and 6 miles East to West. There are bound to be your local favorite spots in there too!

Available for US and UK postal addresses

You could choose to have a map of your first home or even one for each if you move around a bit. It would make a great Anniversary gift for a couple and your parents would enjoy a map showing where they used to live.

The jigsaw puzzle comes in a drawstring bag to keep all the pieces together and a presentation box with space for you to add your own Happy Anniversary message. The puzzle will measure 12.25 inches x 18.5 inches when you have all the pieces in place.

And when you have completed the jigsaw puzzle you could frame it and display it in your home.