Where We Met - Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle

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Product Overview

Out of all the places and the billions of people in this world you found each other and fell in love.

So, what better way to celebrate where you first met than with this very awesome Personalized Where We Met Jigsaw Puzzle.

  • You let us know where your special place is and we will center your whole jigsaw puzzle around it, the map will end up covering 4 miles North to South and 6 miles East to West. so, there are bound to be lots of other special places for you both on the map for you both to find.
  • As an added touch of romance the center piece of your jigsaw is heart shaped, all you need to do is let us know the address.
  • We can find hotels, restaurants, night clubs, dance halls, places of worship, schools, universities and anywhere else with a zipcode!

You might find yourself staying up late to finish it! 

And you could frame the puzzle after you have placed the last jigsaw piece in place, that way you will always be reminded where you first met and the romance that grew from there.

Your jigsaw puzzle will come in a lovely presentation box and there is a space for you to add your own Happy Anniversary message.


Available for Canada United States and United Kingdom