Personalized Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is the classic romantic story, the ultimate sacrifice for love and a story that you may already love

but have you ever thought of yourselves as the classic romantic couple?

The couple that are destined to be together.

Now is your chance ...

... because you can now personalize your own copy of this classic novel casting yourselves as the leading roles.

And your friends and family as other characters, though you may want to leave some of the villains as the original names!

Romeo - the leading man in this tale

Juliet - the leading lady

Mercutio - Romeo's best friend who helps them get together

The Nurse - Juliet's friend and who helps them meet in secret

Tybalt - Juliet's cousin who is so angry and whose actions result in murder

Paris - Juliet's suitor but not her true love like Romeo


You could of course leave the book as the original characters and instead add a beautiful message to the front of the book, showing just how much you love each other and how your love overcomes all.

Happy Anniversary!


Add the names that you would like to appear in your book, if you leave them blank we will use the original cast.

There is space for your own message at the front of the book, two lines of up to 40 characters.