Love You To Pieces Necklace

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Product Overview

Our Love You To Pieces Rose Gold Personalized Necklace shows your love just how much you love them.

The Rose Gold Stainless Steel Plated Pendant is filled with four mini jigsaw puzzle pieces with one of the pieces engraved with up to three initials.

You could have both of your initials or A&B or your own secret love code.

It is a perfect Anniversary Gift for your Wife or Girlfriend for all years and great for your

  • 1st Anniversary due to the personalized gift box
  • Your 11th Anniversary as this is celebrated with Steel
  • Your 25th Anniversary which is celebrated with Silver
  • Your 30th Anniversary as this is celebrated with Pearls
  • And your 50th Anniversary as this is Gold

Personalized the Gift Box with your own Anniversary Message which comes with a message card with the words I Love You to Pieces