Love You To Pieces Bracelet

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Product Overview

This beautiful Gold bracelet shows your love just how much you love them, because you love them to pieces.

In stunning 14K Gold the filled gold beaded bracelet is accompanied with two solid brass jigsaw pieces, one of which is personalized with up to three initials.

You could have E&D, S4S, or their three initials, you choose what is best for you.

The bracelet comes in a smart grey Gift Box which can be personalized on the brass plate on the top of the box with up to three lines, perfect for your own Anniversary message.

The modern design means that it is perfect for both of you, you could even get one each.

Perfect for your 

  • 14th Anniversary as this is celebrated with Gold on the Modern Anniversary List
  • 21st Anniversary as this is celebrated with Brass on the Modern List too
  • And your 50th Anniversary as this is your traditional Golden wedding Anniversary