Front Page Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle

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Product Overview

A Front Page Jigsaw Puzzle would make a great Anniversary Gift, personalized with your own wedding date and gifted in a special presentation box.

If you are married after 1933, we have the front cover for you!

The jigsaw puzzle is a reproduction of the front page of the British newspapers; Telegraph, Guardian or The Daily Mail and has 400 pieces for you to put together.

Plus there is space on the top of the Presentation Box for you to write your own message.

This is the perfect Anniversary gift for a puzzle loving couple or for those that want to see what the headlines were on their Wedding Day.

Quite often couples will frame the puzzle when they completed it. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Details

The jigsaw puzzle is a high quality reproduction of the Washington Post front cover on your special day and right in the center is a very sweet newspaper shaped piece.

  • Measures 12 ¼ x 18 ½"
  • Made to order using high quality 1.5mm millboard

 You will need to choose which newspaper you would like when ordering.