Beautiful Sapphire Gemstone Necklace

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This beautiful, minimalist, Sapphire necklace is sure to please! The delicate Sapphire hangs on a lovely 16 to 18" flat cut sterling silver chain that literally sparkles in the sun. It can be worn casually or for a special night on the town. It's a tangible reminder of how very much you love and cherish your special someone. 
Sapphires are the stones of loyalty and fidelity making them a perfect gift to give your love on your Anniversary.
Comes in a choice of Blue Sapphire, Light Pink Sapphire, Dark Pink Sapphire and Silver Sapphire. Natural stones are products of the nature. Therefore, variations in color, size, pattern, texture, inclusions and veining should be expected. These differences and variations in stone should be considered part of the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws.
Made with genuine gemstones 
Made in the USA 
Small Business Made