Secret Love Note Anniversary Cufflinks

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Product Overview

How cute are these cufflinks? And completely perfect for your husband's 1st anniversary gift which is paper.

The cuff links can be personalized with their initials on the outside of the cufflinks for everyone to see but the very clever bit is what these are hiding.

These cufflinks open up and inside you can add your very own secret message to the love of your life, rolled up on paper of course.

You could add an "I Love You" or "Happy Anniversary"


  • a secret love note
  • your nick names for each other
  • your wedding date
  • maybe even an invitation to a surprise anniversary celebration?
  • how many days you have loved him
  • or how many days you have been married.

There really are a huge amount of possibilities, have fun thinking of what you are going to write while you are waiting for them to arrive.

Product details

Silver toned cufflinks, measuring 3/4" x 7/8" x 3/4" (diameter) 


Personalized with 3 initials. Don't forget to add the letters you want engraved when you are placing your order.