Personalized Double Heart Necklace In Gold For Couples

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Product Overview

Your two hearts belong together and this personalized Double Heart Pendant necklace in gold is the perfect Anniversary Gift for your Wife. 

Have both of your names engraved in the hearts along with your own birthstones, you couldn't get a more personal Anniversary gift than that.


Personalize your hearts with both of your names and also the birthstone you would like on each heart.

  • January - Garnet
  • February - Amethyst
  • March - Aquamarine
  • April - Diamond
  • May - Emerald
  • June - Alexandrite
  • July - Ruby
  • August - Peridot
  • September - Sapphire
  • October - Tourmaline
  • November - Citrine
  • December - Turquoise

Necklace Details

24K Gold Plated Two Hearts with Swarovski Crystals and your Two Names. comes with a 24K Gold Plated 20" chain.

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