Vow Renewal Floating Unity Candle Set

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Product Overview

This Floating Unity Candle Set is perfect for your Vow Renewal Ceremony, providing a very symbolic moment when you can reflect on you both as a couple.

You can celebrate your renewed commitment by lighting the two candles and together light the middle candle, showing how marriage takes two individuals and unites them through love.

Floating Unity Candle Details

The Vow Renewal Unity Candle Set comes complete with;

A personalized vase which measures 9" x 3 1/2" and holds 36 ounces

Silver stand

Two white taper candles 

One 10 hour burning floating white candle


Personalization Details

Choose the Vase design from;

  • And they lived happily ever after
  • Once Upon A Time

Personalize your vase with your names and your Anniversary or Wedding Date.