Personalized Wooden Anniversary Whiskey Barrel

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A great Anniversary gift for your Whiskey lover, their very own personalized oak Whiskey barrel. Perfect for every anniversary and it also matches the traditional 5th anniversary symbol of wood.

Just think they can age their favorite tequila, brandy, scotch, bourbon or cognac. The steel-banded oak barrel lets you take a basic bottle of whiskey and ages to your tastes – mellow, smooth, mature (just like them) and perfect for sipping! 

This really is one of those anniversary gifts that they will be enjoying year after year. Love the idea that they could start a bottle and it will be aged to perfection maybe next anniversary or even the ones after that. 


This 2 liter barrel measures 7 ½” x 5” x 5” and comes with its own stand. Includes instructions for creating and aging your own spirits. Spigot and bung make for convenient serving and filling. *Whiskey Barrel has instructions for curing your barrel before use.


Personalize your barrel with your man's name. "The Man. The Myth. The Legend." comes as standard.