Original Wedding Day Newspaper Presentation Pack

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Product Overview

This Anniversary Presentation Pack would make a fantastic Anniversary Gift.

There will be three newspapers; one from your wedding day and then you choose the other dates for the other two newspapers.

You could have newspapers from:

  • the day you met, the day you were engaged and the day you were married
  • or your wedding day and both of your birth days
  • your wedding day and birth days of your children

Or any other dates you would like.

The newspapers come in a blue presentation pack which we can personalize for you with your names, up to 22 characters. Plus you will need to let us know the dates that you need for all three newspapers.

Presentation Details

Three original newspapers from the Unites States on the dates that you want. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee which State they will be from as these newspapers are rare but if you let us know which States you would prefer, we will do our best.

The blue presentation box is approx 14" x 21"


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