Anniversary Newspaper Book From Your Wedding

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Product Overview

Remember your Wedding Day and year you were married, with your own Anniversary Newspaper Book from the day you were married. 

It contains a reprint of the Washington Post newspaper from your Wedding Day

  • And can be personalized with your names, or those of the Anniversary couple, and your own Happy Anniversary message.
  • An heirloom quality book that will be treasured.

Find out what happened on the day you were married and that very first year.

Your very own walk through history.

This makes such a perfect Anniversary gift for parents celebrating a big Anniversary.

It really is a true testament to the length of their love and marriage. 


Your names will be gold embossed on the front cover, where there is space for 22 characters.

Plus a personal Happy Anniversary message will be printed inside the book which will include their names and 5 lines of 30 characters of your Happy Anniversary message.


Please note that some days may not have had newspapers printed; Christmas Day, Good Friday and if there was a strike. If that is the case for your Anniversary date we will print the next available front page from that year.