Anniversary Kiss Ring

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Product Overview

This beautiful Anniversary Kiss Ring is perfect to show your love just how much you adore them.

It is a truly romantic ring, made from Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia and is adjustable so you don't need to worry about choosing the correct size.

The shape of the ring forms a Kiss from you to your love.

We also personalize the Gift Box with your own Anniversary message, there is space for up to 30 characters.

It is perfect for your 

  • 1st Anniversary due to the personalized paper box
  • 10th Anniversary for diamonds - well, Cubic Zirconia are a good alternative
  • 15th Anniversary for crystal and again Cubic Zirconia are great crystals
  • 16th Anniversary for Silver on the Modern List
  • 25th Anniversary for Silver, and this romantic Anniversary ring is made from Sterling Silver
  • A great romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend